If you had  $100, could you change the world?

Article in Today's Woman
By Elaine Rooker Jack

Bob Cherry thinks $100 can change the world. In 2002, Cherry, senior pastor at Northeast Christian Church, challenged members with something he called “Kingdom Assignments.” He got the idea from a book about a church in California that gave $100 bills to members who were told to “go make a difference.”

“There was something good there,” recalls Cherry. “I kept it in my spirit.” When it came time to celebrate the church’s 25th anniversary, Cherry thought, “Sure, we can celebrate, but let’s make a difference, too.” He sent letters to 100 members of Northeast Christian, located on Highway 22 in Louisville. The church averages 2,500 in attendance at three Sunday morning worship services.

Shelia Day received one of those letters and remembers Pastor Cherry asking “for me to trust him, and to start praying about it. I had no idea what he was asking, but he asked me to keep an open heart and an open mind,” says Day.

Cherry planned to give each of the 100 members $100, and he hoped they would discern what God wanted them to do with it. He hoped they’d make it multiply and reach out beyond their church into the community.

On the night of the anniversary celebration, Cherry called the 100 people onto the stage of the Palace Theatre and presented them each with $100. Day remembers him saying, “This is not your money; this is God’s money. Take it and pray over it and ask God what to do with it.”

The Kingdom Assignment, in short: Take $100 and change the world.

Shelia Day Takes Up The Challenge

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